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D. Skit Competition

1. Skit competition is divided into two (2) categories: "Individual Skit" (limited to one person on stage), and "Group Skit" (two or more persons on stage). If a member or members of the audience are needed for the skit, the skit will be considered a group skit.

2. All identification, tags, badges, or patches which give the contestant¹s name and/or alley/club name must be removed or concealed. Failure to do so will result in a two (2) point penalty per judge.

3. Skits must be suitable for all ages and in keeping with clowning. They must be kept clean and decent in both word and suggestion. Skits should not be able to cause injury to any person, performer, or member of the audience. Violation of these principles can cause disqualification.

4. It is up to the contestant to determine the allowed use of smoke and/or pyrotechnics with the host alley prior to the convention.

5. Competition procedures.

a. Time. Contestants may have up to one (1) minute to set up props/scenery on stage, and one (1) minute to remove all props/scenery from the stage after their performance. It is the contestant¹s responsibility to set up the skit. Stage hands will be available to assist. Any skit set-up time or breakdown time that exceeds this limit will automatically be penalized five points for every 15 seconds over the time limit. Contestants in single skit competition will have a maximum of three (3) minutes to perform their skit. Contestants in group competition will have a maximum of five (5) minutes to perform their skit. Any skit that exceeds the limit will automatically be penalized one (1) point per judge per second. Time starts from the completion of the Master of Ceremony¹s introduction of the skit and a contestant¹s entrance onto the stage, or the start of background music and/or sound effect, which ever comes first.

b. Facilities

1. If the competition cannot be held in a theater setting, a portable stage 12¹x18¹x3¹ should be made available. Specific sizes may vary based on local facilities.

2. Contestants must supply their music and/or sound effects on cassette or compact disk properly cue. An adequate sound system and operator will be provided by the host alley. The operator, however, will not be allowed to start, stop, start the tape or compact disk. Once the tape or compact disk is started, no other cuing will be allowed.

3. Stage hands will be available to help contestants with props and scenery. Some tables and chairs will be provided by the host alley for contestants to use.

4. Contestants using pies, water, confetti, etc., must clean up the stage during one (1) minute take-down time. If something falls or is thrown into the audience, it must be cleaned up after the competition by the contestant(s) unless otherwise directed by the host alley skit competition committee. Failure to do so will result in a ten (10) point penalty.

c. Registration

1. Contestant(s) must register for skit competition no later than 12 hours or 9 pm (which ever comes first) or at the times posted (register will be open two time )prior to the beginning of skit competition.

2. All contestants¹ names, COAI numbers ,slit name ,competition number and city and state will be required on the competition registration. Contestant(s) must also indicate what facilities-/equipment are needed from the host alley at the time of registration. A member can only register for one skit per category.

3. Within one (1) hour after the close of registration a computer-generated number will be assigned to each contestant/group which will be their order of performance. This list will be posted at or near the registration area.

4. At the time of registration, contestant(s) will be given written information regarding the stage facilities, sound and lighting facilities and available props. The host alley may decide to hold a meeting to provide this information.

d. Performance procedures

1. Skits will be performed in the sequential order established after close of registration. Contestants and all members of groups are responsible to be in the holding area at least 15 minutes before their performance. Contestants will be disqualified if not in the area when prior contestant(s) take the stage.

2. A Master of Ceremonies will introduce the skit in accordance with directions given by the contestant/group. MC should not make any remarks during the competition which may influence the judges.

3. A contestant in Individual Skit competition may not have any assistance from anyone off stage during the skit other than a sound technician starting a music-/sound effects tape.

4. A member or members of a group skit may leave and reenter the stage as long as there is at least one clown on stage at all times.

e. Contestants/groups will be judged on the following for a total of 200 points:

1. Definite beginning, middle, end

2. Pace and timing

3. Characterizations and clown character involvement

4. Quality and use of props

5. Facial and body movements

6. Costume/makeup

7. Originality

8. Professional behavior on stage

9. Audience reaction.

10. Overall effectiveness of presentation.